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Example Request and Response
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  "offset": 0,
  "number": 10,
  "available": 83,
  "news": [
      "id": 28,
      "title": "Tesla to Release a Four-Motor Version of Cybertruck",
      "text": "Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed new details about the upcoming Cybertruck electric pickup truck, the mass production of which was delayed until 2023 because of the lack of components and a lot of complex technologies that need to be scaled up. According to Musk, the initial production of the electric pickup truck will begin with a four-motor variant with “independent, ultra fast response torque control of each wheel,” the tweet reads. In response, Twitter users asked if the Cybertruck could turn like a tank. Musk said that thanks to both the rear and front wheel steer, the electric truck will not only be able to turn like a tank, but also drive diagonally like a crab. According to Electrek, this change could be Tesla's reaction to what its competitors do. Since the introduction of Tesla’s novelty, the market for electric pickup trucks has significantly evolved. Currently, one electric pickup on the market can turn like a tank – the Rivian R1T, while GMC's Hummer EV can drive diagonally. Following the announcement of Tesla Cybertruck in 2019, the company announced three configurations of the pickup truck: the entry-level model with one motor, the one with two motors, and the one with three. Rumor has it that the company intends to abandon the single-motor version altogether. In this case, Tesla Cybertruck will be sold with two, three, and four motors. Musk has promised to provide an update on the pickup's roadmap on the next earnings call. The production of Tesla Cybertruck is expected to begin at the end of 2022, and its mass production is slated to start in 2023.",
      "summary": "Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed new details about the upcoming Cybertruck electric pickup truck. According to Musk, its initial production will begin with a four-motor variant.",
      "url": "",
      "image": "",
      "video": "",
      "publish_date": "2022-09-30 01:07:48",
      "authors": [
        "Iwan Stone",
        "Zahna Eklund"
      "language": "en",
      "source_country": "co",
      "sentiment": 0.712523
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